Private label (energy) drinks

We fill private label energy drinks which our customers sell under their own brand.

We fill the following can sizes: 250ml, 275ml, 296ml, 330ml, 355ml, 375ml, 440ml, 450ml, 500ml.
Tabs and ends

Can ends are available in the following sizes (diameter in mm): 200, 202, 206. You may choose silver (non-coloured) or coloured tabs.

We pack drinks to trays (cases) of 24 (250ml or 355ml cans) or 12 (500ml cans). We may also do 4-packs or 6-packs.


Into your branded cans, we fill:
  • our existing ready-to-go energy drink (very similar to market leader), or
  • we may develop a new/unique energy drink for you, or
  • your current drink (if you supply your compound or give us your recipe).

We may pasteurize drinks or use artificial preservatives. We may sweeten with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The water we use is top quality water gained from 5 different 300m deep wells and is treated by top class water treatment.

Apart from energy drinks, we also fill soft drinks, colas, flavored water (carbonated or still), soda, mineral water (carbonated or still)…